Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

Follow Up: Battle of the Badges at LFR Station 1

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Lincoln Fire & Rescue Truck 1. Photo: LLCS

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Walking up, it was dead obvious that not a sign of LPD was to be found. Red trucks all around, Battalion Chiefs chatting in their fancy white getups, crew members conversing, and kids playing mini-bowl. In the air, there was even (to my surprise) a smell of brats… That’s right, they were making brats!

Throughout the afternoon, Engine 1 & Truck 1 had to remain in service, but the engine was pulling all the calls, so that was interesting trying not to be clobbered by the outgoing or incoming engine. Overall, it was a very fun event that felt very hospitable and down to earth. If I had to guess, LFR won this one 😉

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