Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

UPDATE: Shooter, suspect identified in Chick-Fil-A shooting

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Photo: Tim Ui

UPDATE: In a news release this morning, Lincoln Police have confirmed the identity of the suspect involved in a fatal shooting yesterday. LPD says Joseph F. Cimino of Lincoln was killed after ramming into the Chick-Fil-A restaurant near 27th & Pine Lake, and charging an off duty BNSF Special Agent.

The weapon Cimino had has been identified as a stun gun.

BNSF Senior Special Agent Christopher Hall has been named as the person who fired shots, ending the threat. Despite Hall’s immediate start to live-saving efforts, Cimino was pronounced dead at the scene.

UPDATE: The suspect shot by a BNSF police officer at the 27th Street Chick-Fil-A was armed, LPD says.

According to Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister, the suspect was agitated in the facility, and a patron of the restaurant escorted him out. The suspect entered his dodge pickup, put the vehicle into reverse, and drove into the building. Immediately afterward, A BNSF police officer confronted the suspect, who approached the officer with a weapon. The officer fired, striking the suspect two times and killing him.

The suspect and the BNSF Police Officer involved have not been identified.

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