Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

Stand-off ends with arrest using LPD K9

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On Monday around 3:30 am, an LPD officer conducted a traffic stop in the area of 48th & Holdrege and contacted 45-year-old Joseph Rolenc, who was driving suspended. Soon after, the officer informed Rolenc that his vehicle would have to be towed. Rolenc then fled the traffic stop.

A nearby officer overheard the radio traffic and went to the suspect’s residence. Rolenc arrived, exiting his vehicle with a 3-foot metal pipe running to the backyard. The officer attempted to stop him, at which point an unknown substance was sprayed at the officer. Rolenc then barricaded himself in a backyard shed.

While attempting to negotiate with Rolenc, a hissing noise was heard from the shed- later determined to be a propane tank he had opened. Officers broke a window to allow the gas to escape.

Over an hour had passed when the decision was made to use pepper spray in an attempt to coax the suspect out of the shed. The attempt was unsuccesful, and Rolenc continued to refuse commands and shout threats. Negotiating officers then informed him that a K9 would soon be sent in if he did not come out.

After refusing to open the shed doors, officers forced them open and used Police Service Dog Beersie to take him into custody. PSD Beersie suffered minor injuries that did not require treatment.

Rolenc was treated and released at the hospital. He’s charged with Obstructing a Police Officer, Operating a Motor Vehicle to Avoid Arrest, and Driving Under Suspended License.

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