Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

Man arrested after breaking windows and throwing bricks at family member

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On Sunday, April 6th, just before 7:30 pm, Lincoln Police officers responded to the area of 49th & Fremont for a reported disturbance in-progress.

Upon arrival, officers contacted a 42-year-old male victim, who was a resident at the house.  The victim advised that his cousin, 39-year-old David Hefner had tried to break into the residence.  When the victim confronted him and told him to leave, Hefner punched the victim in the back of the head.  Hefner then picked up a landscaping brick and threw it at the victim, narrowly missing him.  As the victim ran back into the residence, Hefner began smashing out the windows of the residence with his bare hands. 

Hefner had fled the scene prior to officers’ arrival, but LPD officers located him near the 5600 block of Superior.  Hefner had blood-soaked towels around his hands, and due to the cuts on his hands, officers assisted in transporting Hefner to a local area hospital for treatment. 

While at the hospital, Hefner was extremely disruptive and aggressive towards hospital staff.  Officers attempted to calm Hefner so he could receive treatment for his lacerated hands, but Hefner screamed at the officers and medical staff.  Hefner grew increasingly agitated and then kicked an officer in the upper right thigh, causing pain and discomfort to the officer.  The officer’s injury was minor, and he was able to finish his shift. 

Hefner was cited and charged with Attempted 2nd Degree Assault and 3rd Degree Assault on a Police Officer.

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